Why Boycott?

What does [my] beer have to do with this?

Constellation Brands is a Fortune 500 company that owns, among other wine, spirits, and beer brands, Corona, Modelo, Pacífico, Victoria, and Ballast Point.

Since 2016, Constellation Brands plans to build a giant beer factory in Mexicali, consuming 14.47 million gallons of water per day —enough to provide 547,945 people, according to the United Nation’s minimum daily water use, which is almost double the population of Baja that has NO ACCESS TO WATER (248,682 people)

Just like California, Mexicali and Baja California (Baja) need plenty of water to provide adequate living conditions for human and economic development.

While the Colorado River represents only 10 percent of California’s annual water use, it represents almost 60 percent of Baja’s water supply per year.

Impossible to do so much damage? Not at all!

In the first beer factory owned by Constellation Brands in Mexico, just after 4 years of production, a neighboring municipality’s Mayor told the UK’s The Guardian: “WE HAVE NO WATER FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION”.

And we are worried!!

As Baja citizens, we know our politicians are corrupt and far from willing to give up power. After all, it is their status as “legitimate representatives” what legally allows them to make decisions and incredible deals for themselves in the name of Us all. But we want to change that NOW!

Can you do anything to help us? Yes!

Aware of the importance of economic activity, we are promoting a solidarity boycott to all Constellation Brands’ products, but especially beer.


Basically because neither our government nor any Constellation Brands representative asked us, democratic citizens of Baja, fifth generation farmers, proud, hard-working urban families, and Native American nations, permission to export 16,214 acre-feet of water every year for 50 years, therefore putting our families at risk of thirst and drought in the name of a business deal not meant to last.